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Divido. The place to be for food.

Divido opened it's doors in 2005 - offering Perth diners a casual Italian eating and drinking experience within a chic, stylish and intimate venue.

Divido's menu represents a love of good, honest food in it's simplest form. Drawing influences from Italian regional peasant style cooking, along with old family recipes, It's the type of food that we all feel comfortable with and will keep coming back for. Seasonal and local produce feature heavily on the menu.

Divido's signature style is unlike any other in Perth. We are known for our honest and simple approach, blending timeless and traditional Italian cookery with new millennium techniques and ideas. Our food is wholesome and rustic with flavor to boot.

If you are looking for an Itialian restaurant in Australia, then you are right at Divido! Our kitchen is characterized by the use of a variety of spices. Our chefs have several years of professional experience in their home country, where they have gained experience in classic old Italian cuisine and have practiced for 8-10 years in Australia. The friendly ambience is not only lovingly walls, designs and paintings in our restaurants, but also our friendly, well-trained service team, who warmly welcomes you in our restaurant, and serves you the desired dishes both indoors and outdoors.

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